Thursday, September 27, 2012

DAY 4 - Thursday, 9/27 (THE MOMENT OF TRUTH)

DAY 4 –Thursday, 9/27 (THE MOMENT OF TRUTH)
UPDATE – The Unfriend Jake Culbertson Experience
Jake was told just moments ago via a post on his wall from me. His wife, Kat, was next to him with her iPhone in hand and set to record. Despite our preparation, Jake gave us nothing but a stoic look and an immediate response to my post below…

So while there was no big payoff as far as a video reaction goes, the fun has only just begun! Now begins the REfriend Jake Culbertson Experience where you get the opportunity to become friends with Jake all over again.  Will he make it all the way back up to 99….or will several of you take this opportunity to run for the hills and avoid ever reading a Jake Culbertson post again!??
Thanks to everyone who participated!!! Feel free to Refriend Jake now!

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