Thursday, September 27, 2012

DAY 1 - Monday, 9/24

DAY 1 – Monday, 9/24
The UNFRIEND Jake Culbertson Experience  – 9/24, 9/25, 9/26!!
My name is Jason Bauer, and I am Jake’s brother-in-law. Some of you know me well as I am friends with 24 of Jake’s 99 friends on Facebook already, but the rest of you only know Jake. I am sending you this PRIVATE message because you are a friend of Jake on Facebook, and therefore you are critical to the PRANK I am trying to pull on him in the next few days.  
As you all know well, Jake has some strong opinions…we see it daily on his Facebook page in our news feed. He loves to debate and argue with anyone on anything. He and I often go at it for fun and we both enjoy every minute of it. Jake often says that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks of his postings/opinions on Facebook by saying “if they don’t like it, they can just unfriend me.”
Well…whatever you say Jake!!! For the next 2 to 3 days, I’d like to pull a massive group prank on Jake. Please immediately go in and unfriend Jake when you receive this message. To do so, simply go to Jake’s page and click on the FRIENDS box with the check mark in it. Under this box will be an option called ‘Unfriend’. Click on it and then confirm your decision to ‘Unfriend’. This same process can be done on your mobile phone. And don’t worry, we love Jake, so we will all re-friend him when this over.  This is strictly for fun and a little payback from a recent much smaller, less intricate prank that Jake pulled on me.
My revenge prank involves all of you, and allows us all to have a little fun with him.  If Jake messages you to ask why you have unfriended him, just ignore him. Let him freak out a little bit and try to determine what it is he said that led to the mass exodus of his friends. I am sending this to all of you individually as I am unable to make this an event. Again, this is all in fun, and if you know Jake like I know him, you know he will appreciate the effort and the unity that this prank requires in order to pull off.
If you are unsure whether you would want to participate, just picture good ole Jake sitting at his keyboard with a handful of friends at his disposal to ramble on to about politics, how bad he dislikes the Broncos, or how Droid is so much better than the iPhone. Picture the poor guy when his Mom and wife unfriend him. What will Jake do when he has no one to read his rambilings????
OK, the prank starts NOW and last 3 days. “The Unfriend Jake Culbertson Experience” has begun. Let’s plummet Jake’s friend total over the next few days – Monday, 9/24, Tuesday, 9/25, and Wednesday, 9/26. And it probably goes without saying, but PLEASE don’t let this secret slip to Jake.

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