Thursday, September 27, 2012

DAY 3 - Wednesday, 9/26

DAY 3 – Wednesday, 9/26
UPDATE – The Unfriend Jake Culbertson Experience
Day 3 and we are down to 27 on Jake’s friends list. Jake spent most of the day posting his random political ramblings. He did whole-heartedly endorse gay marriage as well as post a GOP bashing article and a video on Voter registration. He also happily announced being selected by the Denver Post to be on air to relay his opinions on the upcoming presidential debate…which to me sounds like I need to be getting my popcorn ready as the network surely has no idea what they are getting themselves into.
As a side, Jake had a status update last night that read:

The Unfriend Jake Culbertson Experience has been extended an additional day due to the following reasons: (1) Jake is still completely clueless and happily posting away, (2) He has class tonight, so telling him tonight won’t be as fun, (3) Would still love to see his friend count dwindle more!
I will likely break the news tomorrow night around 7:30PM.  At that time, you will likely all get to take part in the REfriend Jake Culbertson Experience. I will break the news to him on his FB wall. It appears videotaping his reaction is not going to be possible at this time, but if we can make it happen we will do so. Also, if he figures it out beforehand, I will break the news immediately on his wall. Once you all refriend him, you will get to see his response on there.

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